"I don't believe it. It's that shitbox Dodge again ... I'm gonna catch that sucker if it's the last thing I ever do."

Visit these great sites:

Skip's Picks - Interactive Guide to Restaurants, Bars and local Services using google maps. Filter by city, food style, atmosphere, etc..
Skip's Quips - Occasional blog of general ranting, commentary, dystonia, music, etc...
Skip's Home Studio Experiment - Blog about creating a home studio and the occasional rant about dystonia.

Ancient websites i used to love more

Filters Magazine - Filters Magazine is about pop/sub/fringe culture topics such as skateboarding, biking, graffiti, slang, music, and anything else we feel like ranting about.
Lets Gossip! - Let's Gossip! is dedicated to fun, idle chat with and about companions in a lighthearted manner. we are trying to build community of people who try not to take themselves to seriously.

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